What is Freedom Innovation Academy?

A community based and active home-style learning geared towards a healthy and prosperous future by developing the whole person for life. Freedom Innovation Academy is a full time private home-school program based in Russell, Kentucky, serving the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia Tri-State area, teaching grades K-8.

What does this mean?

“Community based” means the school uses resources available within the community. This will teach children how to use the resources around them as they prepare for adulthood. Resources will include the grocery store, bank, gym, park, library, public offered classes, community events, etc.

“Active” describes the teaching methods and learning environment. A mixture of teaching methods will be used as every child is different — hands on activities, reading live books, videos, discussions, projects, and teaching others, just to name a few. Learning will be enjoyable as we pay attention and remember more while we are having fun. Real-life explanation and application are practiced so the children understand why they need to learn it.



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Goals & Methods

We merge concepts from schools across the world with new ideas for a truly inspirational learning environment.

Custom Environments

With a small group, lessons can easily be tailored to each child’s needs. And with no pressured timeline to keep, each child can learn at their own pace.

Academic Development

Our classes are small with mixed ages, and children will be taught based on their learning level and pace, not their age.

Core Studies

Academic schedules include mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, foreign language, technology, engineering, physical education, performing arts, arts & crafts.

Personal Development

Our goal is to prepare children for their future dreams as well as life. Our academy stresses life skills and routine daily tasks.

Life Preparation

We combine an innovated approach with resources available within the community. This teaches children how to use the what is around them as they prepare for adulthood.

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